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Tanoura is an amazing dance originating from Egypt. It has recently garnered much fame in India for its superlative performance and great charisma. Artist on Demand is a premier artist management company which has brought this great dance to your doorstep. Have an incredible time with Tanoura Dancers in a ever before seen performance. Book our incredible Tanoura dancers and bring an exotic and alluring act to your event. This dance show celebrates the rich cultural traditions of Egypt while adding modern flourishes to create a stunning and unique act.

Your guests will be captivated by the dazzling costumes and hypnotic dances and music from our fantastic Egyptian dance show. This Tanoura dance show is perfect for bringing a unique and majestic performance to any event, dinner party or variety show and is sure to make a big impression with audiences around the world. Book our Egyptian dancers to bring a fresh and exciting dance act to your event.

Our Tanoura dancers are artists from India and abroad who are passionate about the traditional dances of Egypt and the Arabic world. With an extensive knowledge of both modern and traditional dances as well as many years of experience in the dance industry, our Egyptian dancers promise to deliver a stunning and authentic dance show that will amaze audiences worldwide. They are sure to impress with their dynamic and high energy show demonstrating Egyptian and Arabic folk dances. Amongst their performances are belly dancing and Tanoura routines, blending Egyptian folk music with traditional Sufi dance for a truly spectacular display.

Offering dynamic and exciting dance entertainment, our troupe are bound to be the highlight of your event with their incredible talent and dedication. Ideal for festivals, themed events, weddings and more, our Egyptian dancers can also offer corporate entertainment for exhibitions, awards ceremonies, and conferences. Combining scintillating dance choreography with modern twists like balancing acts and illusions this Egyptian dance show is full of surprises and is sure to impress. Our stunning Egyptian costumes can even be fitted with stunning LED lights for a colourful and breath-taking light display that will astonish audiences. Contact Artist on Demand for an incredible event.

We offer our services at the best prices. We are known for our quality and our attention to detail. Hope you have an amazing time with us. Artist on Demand, always sharing happiness with our customers.