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We manage Indian and International Talent, Celebrities, Artists, Singers, Musicians & Dance Performers. Our Indain and International artists have performed at various High Profile Weddings, corporate Events and including Awards.

Mujra is the famous form of dance originated from Mughal era. It has the element of classical Kathak. Artist on Demand is the leading international artist management company in Delhi. We manage and organize events like fashion show, private parties, corporate event, wedding, Roadshows, stage shows, trade shows, food festival etc. we provide professional Russian Mujra Dancers for any occasion or event. These day people are looking for different dance show to entertain the guest for special events. We have highly experienced in organizing and managing international Russian mujra artist who performs across India. They can mesmerize the audience with their authentic outstanding mujra performance on various ghazals, Bollywood track and also on western fusion. We provide perfect and incredible dance performance for the event to make it memorable.

Our mujra dance performers have years of experience and thrill the audience by fulfilling instant on-demand performance on their favourite track. They can sparkle the event by their live performance. They encourage the participation of guest in the performance and make them dance on mujra steps. Our team of performers are extremely versatile and creative.

When you have to choose the artist management company, then they have to arrange the artist and take time to manage. We have tie-ups with artist across the globe and we can manage artist at short notice. There is an increased demand of Russian mujra dancers in Delhi so we are experienced artist Management Company who can provide the best professional Russian mujra dancers for any event.

Why book through us

Our dance group can modify and customize the performance as per the client need. We manage the show performance from start to the end and put all efforts to make the client and guest happy and satisfied. All this arrangement will be done for the client at the cost-effective price. We will provide the perfect tailor-made package for your grand event. We provide convenient, guaranteed and secure performance show to add life to your event. If you want to thrill the audience by mujra Russian dancers that we are here to serve you best.