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Russian Folk Dancers in India

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Russian folk dance is an important part of Russian culture and it is famous worldwide. Artist on Demand brings the folk dance to India. We are embracing Russian culture and tradition and offer exciting Russian folk dance for the grand events. We bring the vibrant taste of Russia to the events in India.

Whether it is a wedding, fashion show, product launch, corporate event, private party or any occasion, we bring the best Russian performance dancers. They are an eye-catching element of the event and bring charm and elegance. They add life and sparkle to the event.

We are associated with Russian folk dances from many years. They have also performed on Indian television shows. Their stunning performance is the combination of good choreography, beautiful striking costume, and musical arrangements. Their performance will lift the atmosphere of the event. They will highly influence the audience with a touch of spectacular and vibrant dance moves. Their performance has the element of Cossack dance which will excite the guest and engage them throughout the event. They have performed in many grand international events and now they are convinced to show the Russian themed act in India.

Their costumes are beautifully designed as per the party theme. They have incorporated red colour costumes in many of their attire as it reflects the beauty associated with the Russian tradition.

The Russian folk-dance tradition is popular nowadays; everyone is in great need to book them for their special event. We understand the requirement of the client hence manage these folk dancers at the reasonable price that will suit your budget. The entire party guest will understand the language of dance and rhythms no matter which language they speak. We have also trained them as per Indian demand and taste.

They will modify their performance as per the preference of the client. They can perform on Bollywood music with Russian folk touch. The audience will be stunned by their breath-taking performance. Contact us today for pre-bookings. If you don’t know what you are looking for then our team can suggest you with different packages of Russian folk dancers.