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We manage Indian and International Talent, Celebrities, Artists, Flying Drummers, Singers, Musicians & Dance Performers. Our Indain and International artists have performed at various High Profile Weddings, corporate Events and including Awards.

A liquid LED Drummer is a out of this world performance. Combining the elements of lightning and sound along with the scintillating effect of water, it is much sought-after performance today. It is known to be a great hit among all those who have watched it live. These artists have performed all over the world to huge crowds and have received great acclaim.

Artist on Demand is one of the premier artist management companies which handles all such artists. We have collaborated with great talents to bring them to your doorstep. We understand your requirements and strive to deliver just that. Although liquid LED drumming is a foreign act, we have combined the various elements here just for our customers in India. It is truly an experience worth living.The performers constantly shift the focal point of the show, interacting with and surrounding the audience so they feel immersed in the theatre which unfolds. The performance gradually builds in intensity culminating in a dramatic climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

It is a spectacle that combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting designs. The performance incorporates static set-pieces, movement between places and audience interaction. Constantly shifting the centre of attention, the show sometimes fully surrounds the audience, immersing them in the drama as it unfolds. Gradually building in intensity, and ending in a huge climax of light, sound, smoke and movement! It is a highly adaptable site-specific show designed for audiences on the street, in town squares and parks or any other open space. It can also be performed on stage and indoors.

With a great number of artists involved, the whole event needs meticulous planning and execution. That is where we come in. Artist on Demand is a top-notch artist management firm which takes care of everything – from the logistics, ensuring artist discipline, handling equipment, stage set up etc. We will take care of everything for you.

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